Need for more celebrations

It is nice to give and recieve presents in the darkest coldest time of the year. But why should this only happen once? I can easily imagine having a special day in every season when people exchange gifts. It would be good both for relationships and for the economy. I think we need to embrace some special seasonal occasions (solstices and equinoxes?) which would bring more cheer and expectations to our lives, and I am not talking just about kids. It feels wrong to have major celebrations only once a year.

An upcycled fabric wreath

I love giving another life to colorful pieces of fabric. It is savvy and it is good for the environment.


For this little project I’ve found matching purple, orange and green scraps of fabric and yarn.



I did two loops of wire and simply went around doing bows which connected to each others .

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Jeffrey Catherine Jones (1944 – 2011)

When still at High School I’ve seen some cards with Jeffrey Jones paintings and they left a very deep impression. They reminded me Vrubel’s art: dark and mysterious.  Several artists I’ve admired in the past don’t feel so great any more but I keep on coming back to these haunting pictures. In my opinion there is a lot of subtle mastery in Jones’ art: in composition, brushstrokes, rendering of figures, creating mood. Not many artists managed to achieve this.

#Artwork by J. #Jones   #Artwork by J. #Jones


#Artwork by J. #Jones

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Dreaming about an art center

At the moment I am based at the market which is due to close for renovation (possibly at end of February). Frankly I would rather have a separate art and craft shop / center. I am trying to summarise what that place preferably be like (or not like).

1. Nothing pretentious,  snobby or overpriced.  It’s fine to have some very expensive items but there should be plenty of affordable stuff. Many art and craft places scare off non-arty and not rich people.

2. Not a cold and empty art gallery,  rather a place that looks like a home of somebody who enjoys collecting handmade / one of the kind / weird and wonderful,  enjoys living with eclectic mixture of things.

3. It would be beneficial to have a widest possible range of arts, crafts, vintage, upcycled and antique products for home and fashion.  It should give feeling of entering a cave full of treasures. When people spend long time browsing they are more likely to buy at least something.

4. Space for workshops, demonstrations and meetings.

5. Some space for themed exhibitions.

6. A nice cafe would attract customers.

7. Artists and makers working in real time within some studio space – again,  this would interest people.

8. An outdoor / garden area for displaying outdoor works.

9. Art and craft supplies. People coming for this sort of things would be interested in attending workshops.

It is a very far fetched dream, i know. But I can’t stop dreaming it…

This is a Pinterest board for the dream:

A website for the shop

I wanted a working useful website for the shop, with links to all original products and prints sold from different platforms (Artfire, Folksy, Etsy, Zazzle, CafePress, etc). I don’t think anything like this would be possible with a free DIY site. Fortunately I’ve stumbled upon PIcsity. On the surface it remind Pinterest and Wanelo but has a very appealing feature: the ability to rearrange products within a board. So, here it is. I continuously work on adding new (and old) products to the online shop. Hope you like it!